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Relaxation, Swedish Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Shiatsu, Couples, Remedial & Aromatherapy Massages

Relaxation massage is designed to relax the body with flowing movements and expert techniques applied to muscles to ease tension and promote a feeling of wellbeing.

Deep tissue or remedial is firmer, focussing on specific problems, Shiatsu is using pressure points on meridians, while Aromatherapy uses divine smelling essential oils long-known for their healing properties and mood-soothing qualities.

1 hour $100; 1.5 hours $150; 2 hours $200.

Enhance your holiday relaxation and wellbeing even more. Add a half-hour Wellbeing Organic SkinBliss Facial to your massage!

Double Indulgences
Two therapists focus on your wellbeing. Double massage: one therapist works on your back, shoulders and head, while the other works on your arms, legs and feet to really soothe muscles and banish tension. Double Massage/Facial: One therapist provides a delectable massage while the other uses our organic skincare to treat you to an organic SkinBliss Facial and a wonderful head massage. Double Massage/Reiki: a true delight on so many levels as one therapist gives you an all over massage while the other pours healing energy into you through a deep Reiki.

1 hour: $200; 1.5hours $300.

Seated Group Mini-Massages

Perfect for the Bridal party or girls weekends. These 10 min, 15 min or 20 min massages are experienced fully-clothed in chairs.

Every hour (6, 4 or 3 people per hour) $120.

Hot Stone Massage

Soothing, warming massage using warmed oil and special stones.

Polished stones are heated, then placed strategically along pressure points to help melt away tension. The ensuing therapeutic massaging creates a deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation. A blissful experience!

1.5 hours $160; 2 hours $220.

Organic SkinBliss Facial

Our exquisite signature treatment use specially-created organic aromatherapy skincare products that are amongst the best and most natural skincare in the world – the luxurious Organic SkinBliss range. Float away with a cleanse, exfoliation, mask, toning and moisturising, including a relaxing face, head and shoulders massage along with an ancient oriental balancing sequence. Let your face, body and emotions be smoothed, recharged and blissed!

1/2 hour $60; 1 hour $120.

Complete Rejuvenation & Pamper Ritual

Begin with a soothing 30 minute foot, hand and head massage, then feel nurtured with a 1.5 hour aromatherapy massage using exquisite essential oils to feel the bliss of deep relaxation, completed with a 1 hour luxurious Organic SkinBliss Facial. Great for special occasions, a special experience for those days where you want to feel loved, relaxed, cared for and on top of the world.

3.5 hours: $300. Includes a complimentary Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Spritz to keep!


  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellation more than seven days before arrival: 100% refund less 10% GST
  • Cancellation less than seven days and more than 48 hours: no refund of deposit. Less than 48 hours – no refund and no transfer possible
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